An Apartment Complex Mailing List Makes Reaching Renters Easier Than Ever

An apartment complex mailing list may just be the marketing tool you’ve been looking for. Mailing lists give your company a direct connection to customers in your community. Visibility is important for businesses. It can be especially hard to gain the visibility you need in densely populated areas. Getting the word out about your company can often require more resources than you can afford. However, mailing lists can now help you canvas your neighborhood without having to put in the endless leg work.

This incredible opportunity is provided by We help businesses reach their customers at a price they can afford. Reaching the renters in your area is now both simple and affordable. We provide an extensive database which gives you the valuable chance to reach the renters in your area. We can even provide a specific apartment complex mailing list.

Using Direct Mail Marketing with an Apartment Complex Mailing List

Our massive 2018 databank houses the names and addresses of millions of United States renters. There are a number of ways you can use this information to your advantage. One of the most effective is the apartment complex mailing list. This allows your company to reach individuals based upon the specific apartment complex in which they live. When used properly, this is a very useful tool. For example, if your company offers products and services targeted at individuals who live in lower income housing areas, you’ll be able to select apartment complexes that meet this criteria. Similarly, if your company specializes in luxury products or services you’re able to target those who reside in high rent apartment complexes. We even provide an option to market to those living in mobile home communities.

With over 150,000 apartment complexes consisting of a minimum of ten units, you can see the value in our databank. These renters are waiting to discover new and local businesses and we can help you reach them. This allows your company to initiate contact to bring awareness and start forging the ever important customer to company bond.

Another great aspect of this style of marketing is that you are in complete control. The first step is to tell us which method of targeting you wish to use. Select from:

  • Type of Apartment Complex
  • Specific Apartment Complex

Then, in about twenty-four hours, you’ll receive a detailed report from us. We understand business needs to move quickly in order to be proactive so we do our best to have a quick turnaround time. We also give you a CASS Certificate so you are sure to receive the best possible postal discount.

Narrowing Your Apartment Complex Mailing List Leads Even Further also provides you with the added option of narrowing your target customers even further. We can provide the contact information of those individuals within a specific postal code or radius from your business. This is excellent for companies who use delivery services such as restaurants or dry cleaners.

In total, we have over thirty million addresses available in our apartment complex mailing list database. To ensure we always have the most current data, we update the databank monthly to account for residents who’ve moved into or out of the apartment complexes you’re targeting. In addition to the most current information available, you also receive:

  • 100% carrier route coverage
  • Delivery to each and every mailbox
  • Lowest postage rates available

If you’re looking to target a more specific set of customers, we also allow you to select from additional filters. These include basic information such as:

  • Ethnicity
  • Age
  • Length of Residency
  • Income
  • And more!

Our goal is to help your company reach the customers who need and want what you have to offer. Most people want to support local and small business but have a hard time finding the companies they want to use. By helping our customers gain visibility where it matters most we can help your company grow by reaching the customers you need. When you succeed, we succeed.

Who Benefits from an Apartment Complex Mailing List?

When it comes down to it, everyone benefits from the use of an apartment complex mailing list. Companies like yours get in touch with the customers they need, plus those customers find and use local businesses which make their lives easier.

This type of mailing list is especially useful for businesses wishing to serve the area surrounding their business. This includes companies such as:

  • Health and Dental Care Professionals
  • Veterinary and Animal Service Professionals
  • Dry Cleaners and Cleaning Services
  • Restaurants and Food Delivery Services
  • Child Care Providers, Activity Centers, and Educational Services
  • Storage Facilities
  • New Businesses
  • And so much more!

Businesses in the real estate fields can also benefit from reaching renters. Many renters may be in search of a home or apartment to purchase. This makes our databank useful for companies such as:

  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Real Estate Professionals

You can use the apartment complex mailing list to spread awareness about your company. You can also advertise special events for your business such as:

  • Grand opening events
  • Sale events
  • Anniversary events
  • Promotional offers
  • And so much more!

Knowing that your company’s information is being delivered to the individuals who can benefit from your products and services is so rewarding. Our staff enjoys helping businesses reach their target audience while finding new and innovative ways to utilize direct mail marketing.

Make Your Advertising Dollar Go Further

All business owners know that getting the best return per advertising dollar is crucial to keeping your company above water. What many don’t realize is that this isn’t necessarily as difficult as they imagine. Using some critical thinking and a bit of analysis you can reach the customers that are more likely to purchase from your business. Accomplish this by examining the traits of your ideal target customers, and then include this information in your request. For example, if your company tends to appeal to a specific age group, we can narrow down prospective contacts by age. This allows you to:

  • Run a more efficient advertising campaign
  • Reach your ideal target customers
  • Create customized ads for your target demographics
  • Earn a better return on your investment

Not only do you benefit from the customizable targeting, but direct mail advertising is generally more affordable and effective than other methods. Billboards, radio, and television all target a wide range of customers with little control. With direct mail marketing you’re reaching the people you want to reach.

If you want to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaign you can include a special coupon or promotional code with your advertisement. This allows you to see how many people are taking advantage of that specific offer. You can also ask customers how they heard about you.

Money and time are valuable resources, don’t waste them any longer. helps businesses grow and profit. Our staff is standing by to help answer your questions about our apartment complex mailing list and how direct mail advertising can help your company. Call today to learn more.

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