By zip code or Radius

Target Apartment Dwellers by Zip Code or by Radius

Tailor Apartment Mailing Lists by Zip Code or by Carrier Route, or from a Center Radius using our Occupant Apartment Address Data.

  • Nationwide Apartment Occupant Database (updated MONTHLY! *)
  • Over 30 million Apartment Addresses available
  • 100% carrier route coverage
  • Reach all Occupied Apartment Units in a Broad Area
  • Delivery to each mail box GUARANTEED **
  • “Walk Sequenced” Lists = Lowest Available Postage Rates

Additional selections available:

  • Median Age
  • Median Income
  • Length of Residency
  • Ethnicity

Email us your parameters today & we will respond in 24 hours or less with a count that meets your requirements.


40.00 per thousand (5000 minimum record order)
Please call (800) 575-3002 for Volume Discounts!
All Apartment Mailing Lists are output in Excel format and put on a CD or Emailed to you for your convenience.

Request a Quote

Request a Quote


* Data is updated every month in conjunction with the U.S. Post Office, making it the freshest, most deliverable Apartment Mailing list available.

** Names of residents are available on approx 60% of the records on file, and are provided when requested. Otherwise, list is output with “Current Resident” or “Boxholder” for the salutation, guaranteeing that your mailing piece will be delivered to each mail box.

Call for Volume Discount Pricing

(800) 575-3002

The Addresses we deliver by Apartment Complex will be guaranteed 100% deliverable.