Single Family Home Renters

Reach out to millions of Single Family Home Renters in the USA

We have over 36 million Single Family Home Renters in the USA — all available for Direct Mailing, with:

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  • Mortgage Loan Officers for Marketing
  • Medical offers
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Compilation Methods

The Home Renters are defined first by omitting all homeowners, then through NCOA Processing, we can determine with a 98% reliability factor the correct current Renter Name and Address. Furthermore, please see our Directory of available Data Selections that we can use to further refine the Home Renters.

Prospective Home Buyer Model

When targeting Home Renters, we typically use this demographic formula:

Length of Residency 4 to 8 years, Age of HOH 25 to 45, Married, presence of children, and Credit Score of 650+

SFDU Renter Data Pricing

  • Any 5,000 of these SFDU Renters for $0.08 each.
  • Phone Numbers are available for an additional $0.01 each.
  • Emails can be appended for an additional $0.06 each.

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