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Contact Apartment Renters by Telephone

Real Estate Agents, Loan Officers, Pet Care and similar consumer products & services companies experience great success contacting Apartment Renters by phone.

Contact these Apartment Renters on their DNC Scrubbed Land Line or DNC Scrubbed Cell Phone Number with your valuable offer.

Of the 13.4 Million USA Apartment Renters with Postal Info we have:

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  • 5,000 Phone Numbers for $.07 each
  • 10,000 Phone Numbers for $.06 each
  • 20,000 Phone Numbers for $.05 each
  • 50,000 Phone Numbers for $.04 each
  • 100,000 Phone Numbers for $.025 each

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Telephone Connect Data

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Telephone Connect Data is available for New Apartment Dwellers who have just turned on their New Land Line.

  • Average of 115,000 DNC Scrubbed MFDU Phone Connects per month
  • Average of 150,000 non-DNC Scrubbed MFDU Phone Connects per month

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  • Daily MFDU Connects:$.25 each ($50.00/week min)
  • Weekly MFDU connects:$.15 each ($50.00/week min)
  • Monthly MFDU Connects:$.12 each ($50.00/month min)

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