Facebook advertising, along with other forms of social media marketing can be quite intimidating. However, once you understand the method to the madness you’ll start to see results. Most companies don’t realize that Facebook advertising is highly customizable and very efficient when used properly.

Most of us know what it’s like to have an email box flooded with advertisements and newsletters, some we’ve signed up for and some we haven’t. A lot of these emails tend to go straight into the trash or are left to pile up in our inbox. In some cases, you may have even created an entirely different email address that you use for companies and various sign ups so your personal emails don’t drown. This all boils down to one thing, e-mail marketing just isn’t as effective as it used to be.

If you’re marketing for a business, all you want to do is reach customers. However, if they aren’t opening your emails then you may be throwing money down the drain. Wasting money is the last thing any business wants to do. Thankfully, there’s a better way to utilize those email addresses you’ve been collecting.

Facebook Advertising Using Mailing Lists

Facebook advertising allows you to use a list of email addresses as a targeting tool for your ads. This means that if your customers are on Facebook, you’ll be able to advertise to them directly without flooding their email box with messages they won’t read. You can also use an email list to create a look-a-like audience to find new customers. The look-a-like audience will examine the characteristics of your existing customers and find more, just like them.

This form of targeting allows you to create ads for a very specific group of people. Facebook advertising also allows you to target potential customers by age, gender, and interests. However, using your own list allows you to advertise directly to customers who’ve already done business with your company.

According to TechCrunch.com, companies who target customers using their customer email list see conversion increases of 43 percent. They also tend to show a decrease in the cost-per-lead of 30 percent. Companies also report that they receive three times the number of engagements per post. They also see twice as many engagements including likes, shares, and comments.

Social Media Marketing Using Mailing Lists

Facebook isn’t the only social media platform that allows you to use an email list to target customers. Other platforms such as Instagram, Google, and Twitter offer some version of this option. However, the rules do vary slightly from platform to platform. Understanding what is allowed and is not allowed is important with this type of marketing.

Facebook Advertising Using Email Addresses and Phone Numbers

Facebook has the capability to match email addresses and phone numbers to their users using their “custom audience” feature. This allows you to advertise directly to the individuals on your list. This is all dependent upon the email address or phone number on your list matching what they have in your profile. Most individuals use their personal email address or phone number when signing up for Facebook. This means your list should target most of the individuals on your list. Facebook also allows you to add on advertisements on Instagram and Audience Network.

If your company is just starting out and you don’t already have a list of phone numbers and email addresses, you can obtain one from a reliable data supplier. It’s extremely important that you acquire this list from a reputable source to ensure the data complies with state and federal laws as well as Facebook.

These lists can help your company in a number of ways such as:

  • Increasing page likes
  • Extending post reach
  • Selling products
  • Targeting similar customers

The look-a-like audience feature allows Facebook to find individuals that match those on your list. It examines demographics such as gender, age, interests, and location to find other users that are a close match to your existing list.

Other Marketing Options Using Email Addresses

Twitter is another social media platform that allows you to target users using phone numbers and email addresses. Again, it’s important that your email and phone list is compliant with all state and federal laws, as well as Twitter.

Google has also jumped on this brilliant marketing method. They now have an AdWords targeting option called “Customer Match.” This allows you to use an email list to reach your target audience. Google’s reach is extensive. In addition to their popular search network they also have programs called AdSense and AdMob. These programs can expand your company’s reach beyond Google search results. Altogether, Google can potentially get your business access to over 650,000 apps and 13 million websites.

Google’s customer match feature allows you to target existing customers as they use mobile apps and browse the internet. This allows you to market to your customers across numerous locations. The only downside with Google’s customer match feature is that you are only able to use your own lists that your customers have already opted into. However, you can use other social media platforms to encourage more customers to opt into your company’s email or phone list and then use those opt ins with Google.

Obtaining High Quality Email and Phone Lists

If your company needs a place to start then consider getting your email or phone list from Apartment Lists. Our extensive database complies with all state and federal laws. We provide high-quality data for companies just like yours across the nation. You would simply let us know what type of list you need and we can provide it to you in less than two business days.

Our data experts are standing by, ready to help guide you and help you meet your advertising goals. Targeting specific customers is the future of advertising. Not only does it provide a higher return on investment, but it is often less expensive than other methods. Don’t delay your company’s success any longer than you already have.

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