New renters are dealing with the hassle of moving into a new apartment complex and learning about their new neighborhood. This entire process can be extremely overwhelming for them. Suddenly, they’re faced with the challenges of finding new products, services, and businesses local to their new home. Moving is extremely stressful and hectic, but there’s a way that your company can help these new renters while increasing business.

Think about all of the regular products and services people use on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Restaurants, dry cleaners, doctors, child care providers, shops, and other specialty services are all used by thousands and thousands of people each day. When someone moves to a location for any number of reasons, they must rebuild their life and replace each of these things. Their needs offer your company an incredible opportunity.

Targeting new renters gives you the opportunity to be one of the first companies they are exposed to in their new location. One of the best ways to do this is through targeted direct marketing. Apartment Lists helps companies just like yours get in touch with these new tenants. We do this with our massive, versatile database.  With our help, you can target future customers by apartment complex, geographic area, average monthly rent, and so much more. We’re in the business of connecting customers with the companies they want and need.

Targeting New Renters with Direct Marketing

The world is fast passed and ever changing. This means that advertising must also change. Consumers no longer want to be assaulted by ads while they enjoy various types of media. This is reflected with services such as satellite radio, television subscription services, and web explorer pop-up blockers. These things are all designed to allow the consumer the ability to experience the things that they enjoy without being bombarded by advertisements.

The future of advertising is through targeted direct marketing. This method of advertising helps put your advertisements directly in their hands without interrupting their leisure activities. By not interrupting their relaxation time they are much more willing to consider what you have to offer.

Targeted direct marketing is about more than just when and how you reach future customers. Reaching specific customers is also important. For example, if your business offers child care services then it doesn’t make much sense to advertise to people who don’t have children. You’d just be wasting your advertising budget.

We help you reach the customers who need and want what your company offers. We do this with our specialized database. The database holds an incredible amount of valuable demographic data on millions of people across the United States. We can narrow the database based on your target audience to create a list of names, addresses, email addresses, or phone numbers depending on your request. You’ll now be able to reach your target customers with custom made advertisements for optimum return.

Marketing to New Renters Made Easy

Imagine having a tailor made list of new customers that are already hungry for what your company offers. Targeted direct marketing is easy with Apartment Lists. We take care of all the heavy lifting so you can focus on your new customers and growing your business.

We can start by discussing your targeted geographical area then narrowing down the data to the specific area you do business. Next, we use other filters to narrow your target audience. For example, new renters within a five mile radius of your business who have children would be a great target for a daycare.

There are very few limits to our database’s capabilities. We can target specific communities, apartment complexes, monthly rental ranges, income, gender, and much more. We compile a list of future customers and get it to you right away so you can begin your advertising campaign.

With targeted advertising, everyone benefits. New renters benefit from learning about the businesses in their area. You can also entice them with a promotional discount to encourage them to give your business a chance. Not only are they finding replacement businesses, but they’re also getting a great deal.

Your business benefits from this form of advertising as well. Targeted direct marketing is an affordable option that starts you off on the right foot with future customers. This is your chance to make a shining first impression with new tenants as they move into the neighborhood.

Why You Should Choose Targeted Direct Advertising

As a business owner, you understand the importance of reaching your target customers. A direct line to these individuals saves both time and money. When you show your advertisement to people who can’t benefit from what your company has to offer then you’re throwing money in the garbage. Targeted direct advertising helps you reach the people who are interested in your business.

Our expert staff is here to help you through the process. We succeed when you succeed and we want your advertising campaign to be the best it possibly can. We will walk you through the process of narrowing your audience. Our staff can also help you design an effective advertisement. We even ensure you get the best possible postage rates.

Simply let us know what you need for your marketing campaign and we’ll help you in every way we can. Finding new customers is hard. Don’t struggle with this problem any longer. Let our expert team help you reach the customers you need for a thriving business.

Don’t waste another dime on ineffective marketing campaigns with empty promises. Let Apartment Lists get you on the right path to success by helping you maximize your advertising campaign to target new renters.

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