The face of business is changing. All kinds of companies are seeking out effective and innovative ways to reach their customers. Pizzeria owners are no exception, but finding effective pizza marketing ideas can be difficult for business owners without advertising experience. Thankfully, there’s an answer to this problem and it’s much easier and less expensive than you may have imagined.

For small businesses, especially those operating within a limited area, it’s important to know how to reach your customers. In this day and age, it’s not enough to simply exist. Sure, your storefront may attract a few passerby’s; however, reaching more customers takes effort.

This is where many small and local businesses struggle. Television and radio advertising are costly and may reach too broad of an audience. This can also be true for print advertisements in your local newspapers or magazines. Other small business owners hit the streets to hand deliver advertisement flyers on windshields and doors in their delivery radius. This method is extremely time consuming and presents its own problems with costs. The printing and legwork can quickly add up to make a very demanding campaign which may have little return. Not to mention, depending on your area, this type of marketing may be frowned upon or illegal.

Thankfully, companies such as Apartment Lists are providing a better alternative. They provide a direct connection to customers through the United States Postal Service and e-mail. You still reach the customers you need, in the area you service, but in a much more effective way.

Direct Mail Pizza Marketing Ideas

Direct mail marketing involves using a database or mailing list to send your company’s advertisements to a targeted audience. Advertisements can be sent through the mail, via e-mail, or both. You still have the benefit of a door-to-door approach, without spending countless hours hand delivering ads. Apartment Lists makes this especially easy for companies in densely populated urban areas. This type of advertisement is also very effective for businesses that operate within a set perimeter.

The Apartment Lists databank provides access to the names, addresses, and e-mail addresses of renters in both apartment complexes and mobile home parks across America. They also offer the ability to customize these lists to ensure you’re reaching your target demographic. Having this type of connection is extremely valuable for increasing the visibility of your company and building a strong company-customer relationship throughout your community.

Pizza Marketing Ideas for Your Neighborhood

The first step to using direct mail marketing is to identify your target audience. If your business is a pizzeria that delivers within a certain radius, then you can start by narrowing your ideal customer to a specific postal code or set of apartment complexes. Provide this information to Apartment Lists and let them work their magic. Depending on your request, in about 24 hours you’ll have a list of mailing addresses or e-mail addresses connecting you to your future customers.

From here, you simply create an appealing advertising campaign then send it directly to the mailboxes or e-mail boxes of the customers you’re trying to reach. This effective advertising method is often used to announce grand openings, anniversaries, ongoing sales, and much more.

In order to track the performance of your campaign, you can include a special promotional code or coupon with your advertisement. This will allow you to see how many customers discover your business due to your targeted direct mail efforts. As you learn what your customers respond to, you can fine tune your advertisements to make sure you’re getting the maximum return on your investment.

Many popular pizza marketing ideas involve an image of a delicious pizza along with a quick phrase or discount. The real trick is analyzing what makes your pizza business different from others and using that to stand out in the crowd. Perhaps your business is a mom and pop shop, or maybe you specialize in themed or unique pizza toppings. You may also consider fun events such as a “deal of the day” for individuals with a specific name. Different discounts for different days of the week can also help you increase business on days that are typically slower for your restaurant. There are so many options.

Tying Pizza Marketing Ideas Together with Social Media

Once you’ve found your customers, you can use social media to maintain and develop the company-customer relationship. Include an invitation to follow your company on social media on your advertisements. Not only does this provide your customers with the best access to your latest deals and specials, it also allows them to review your restaurant and recommend it to their friends. They can also tag themselves when they’re dining in or if they order delivery. Social media is a very useful tool for local businesses.

The biggest problem with social media is getting the right audience to interact with your posts. Thankfully, half the battle is done simply by finding the right audience using direct mail marketing techniques. From there, you simply create engaging posts that encourage interaction. See what your customers respond to and go from there. It’s fun and exciting to learn about your customer base and develop a mutually beneficial relationship. Your business gets the customer base it needs to thrive, and your customers get to enjoy your delicious menu.

Starting off with Direct Mail Marketing

Apartment Lists can help your company start out on the right foot. It doesn’t matter if your business is just starting out or if you’re an established business struggling to reach customers. This form of marketing consistently provides the highest return on investment over other methods.

Our professional staff is standing by waiting to help your business grow and succeed. Don’t put off your company’s success any longer. Reach out to Apartment Lists today to get started and put your company on the map.

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