Rental insurance agents provide renters with an incredibly valuable service. Renter’s insurance is a safety net for people who rent. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to find and market to these renters. Thankfully, Apartment Lists is here to provide renter insurance marketing ideas and methods.

When a business services a specific group of customers then marketing can be difficult. There’s a delicate balance between advertising investment and profit that can be difficult to reach in some markets. However, direct mail marketing through the United States Postal Service and e-mail is closing that gap.

Direct mail marketing uses a targeted approach to reach those customers who are more likely to need your products or services. It’s much more effective and less costly than other methods of advertising. This is because you’re reaching customers who fit specific criteria.

Renter Insurance Marketing Ideas Using Direct Mail Marketing

The first step in reaching your targeted customers is to analyze who they are. For example, rental insurance agent’s target customers are renters. Anyone who rents needs rental insurance. If they don’t have it, they’re at risk of losing their possessions in the event of an incident. In this case, it’s easy enough to identify the target customers; the tricky part is finding them.

Thankfully, Apartment Lists makes locating your customers easy as well. This is all thanks to an extensive databank that houses the information of apartment and mobile home renters across the United States. This includes names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.

Having access to the people who need what your company offers is priceless. You have a direct link to countless customers who can benefit from renter’s insurance. Now all you need is a way to connect with them.

There are a variety of renter insurance marketing ideas that can help you connect with these potential customers.

Connecting with Renter Insurance Marketing Ideas

There’s one thing that all of these customers have in common. They rent their place to live. You can use a broad technique to appeal to these individuals as renters. Many people don’t put much thought into all of the things that can go wrong in life. The truth is that even if they do everything right they’re still at risk of losing all that they own. This is because in close proximity such as with apartments or mobile home parks, someone else’s actions can devastate their lives. Anyone is susceptible to accidents. There are so many things that can happen and not having renter’s insurance is risky.

You may be able to appeal to renters by showing just how devastating accidents can be. This is not only true for the apartment or mobile home where the accident originated, but for the surrounding residences as well. An advertisement that shows the devastating effects of a fire, flood, or a number of other incidents may catch their attention. You can then use this opportunity to provide them with your company’s contact information.

Additional Renter Insurance Marketing Ideas

Another option is to narrow down the potential list of customers even further. A college student who is just starting out may be less inclined to purchase renter’s insurance than someone with a family or someone who’s amassed valuable items over the years. You can further sort the data by age, income, and the presence of children. Apartment Lists even allows you to target specific apartment complexes or complexes with a certain monthly rent average. All of these options allow you to further narrow your audience. By narrowing your audience you can touch more specifically on creating advertisements that appeal to that group.

Connecting with your target audience is a huge part of the relationship between customer and client. You can continue to grow this relationship through the use of social media. Offering an ongoing connection with your clients fortifies the relationship and increases brand loyalty. Through your social media you can share tips and ideas on how they can protect their family, home, and belongings. Social media also provides a way for your customers to interact with your company and refer you to their friends and families.

Why Direct Mail Marketing is leading the Marketing Industry

It’s clear that direct mail marketing is great for reaching the customers who need you most. However, many people don’t understand why this type of advertising is better than other methods. The truth is, the world is changing. Television, radio, newspaper, and billboard marketing isn’t as effective as it used to be. Customers are constantly finding ways to enjoy media without the interruption of advertisements. They’ve trained themselves to ignore website banners and commercials. Billboards may be eye-catching, but the chance that the advertisement will linger in the viewer’s mind for more than a few seconds is slim.

When done effectively, direct marketing provides a much greater return on investment. Your advertisements are delivered directly to customers via the mail or their e-mail. An eye catching image or headline is all it takes to encourage them to take a closer look at what your company has to offer.

Once you have their attention you can provide a number of incentives to encourage their business. Using a special coupon or promotional code in your advertisement will help you track the effectiveness of your campaign.

Start Marketing with Targeted Advertising Today

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